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Original, Handmade, and Hope Filled

Every one of our products is an original design - with over 80% of designs coming from the producers themselves. At the end of every year, a Design Workshop is held and it is within this creative and energized environment, that new ideas, designs and products are born. Designers receive a special commission on every product of theirs that is ordered, recognizing the creative talent that provides work for everyone.


Every one of our products uses ‘saa paper’ - the unique natural medium made from the bark of the mulberry tree. The tree itself has a versatile range of uses: the berries can be eaten, the leaves fed to silk worms or used for tea making, the wood used for baskets and furniture. After harvesting the tree’s bark, it will grow back providing a renewable source.

The sheets of paper used by the Hands of Hope producers are made in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, by a family company that engages nearby villagers in production.

Our card stock is cut and printed by Don Bosco Technical College in Bangkok and  we are pleased to give them our business.


Every one of our products is skillfully and lovingly drawn, cut and pasted by HAND - with each task, ability assigned. Some producers have vision impairment or hand tremours and so are provided work which they are able to manage. Products pass through many hands along the production chain.

Product embellishments include wire, beads, saa string, ribbon and bells, but always at the heart of the product…’saa’ paper.

Each product is individually packed in clear cellophane with an accompanying label.

An envelope and paper insert is included with each card.


Every one of our products is a gift of hope – both to the producer, who embraces the opportunity by which they can help themselves, and to the customer, who through the product, connects to the lives of the people here and knows who their purchase is assisting.

Our Methods

The tools used to handcraft our array of products are simple: pencil, ruler, scissors, cutting knife, bamboo stick, and glue. All are essential in production.

Every component of a card, mobile, or gift item is drawn, cut, and placed with precision. Strips of finely cut paper are quilled using the bamboo stick, which also serves in the making of all our products, used to add glue and accurately set the pieces in place. Each producer is gifted with different skills and often, a finished product is the work of many hands.

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