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'With imagination, courage and a little help from our guardian angels, all things are possible....dreams can be realized.'

This  spirited angel - perhaps THE most requested product from Hands of Hope, has flexible arms and legs and can be hung in a variety of places.

The unique ‘pom pom’ head of your angel was made by Yupin, a woman whose life has been transformed since coming to the project. 
HIV+ , Yupin also suffered from TB of the bones and 
doctors said she would never walk again. After 5 months 
in the Care Centre at our Garden of Friendship, she 
returned home, where, from a lying position, she was able 
to make the angel heads.
In December 2010, Yupin walked! 
In October 2011, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl-her own little angel! She is delighted to continue working with the project and help support her daughter.

Each angel measures 20 cm in length.


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Spunky Angel

SKU: CD007
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