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Featured Producers

"As if I had died and started a new life. I never thought I would have a life again - not a life that is this good".

- Wasana

"I hope that those who do not have opportunities can come here and work with us, so they will receive the same hope I have here". 

- Namfon

"Before, I did not have a home of my own, but now I have a small house, and much happiness".

- Gay

"When I am outside, I see people are interested in making lots of money. But here, the best thing is that we can give encouragement to others. I feel proud knowing I can do this".


"The care I receive is like medicine to be strong. I am ready for everything and if I fall, I will get up again". 

- Wanpen

"Before, people with the same condition as me, were left behind by society. But I have a new life. As if I was born again. I have a new family and a new home". 

- Jiem

"We put our whole heart into what we do. We want to do the best for the customers so they will be impressed. We would like you to visit us and we would welcome you". 

- Gay

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