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"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty".

Butterfly of Hope Fund

Boonlai - a generous friend - worked in Hands of Hope from 2005.

She died 28th October 2013 at 42 years of age.


Boonlai had been a very active participant in the Good Shepherd Outreach Programme since 2000, often referring people she had met and befriended. Extremely humble, she was a quiet ambassador for the work of the Sisters and staff; and as the numbers at her funeral demonstrated, she had made connections with people in all walks of life. Hundreds came to pay their respects to her.


Yet she knew what it was to suffer. In 2004, when unable to find work due to discrimination against those infected with HIV, she worked as housekeeper at the Friendship Centre. In 2005, when Hands of Hope began, Boonlai became one of the workers and she kept producing until a few weeks before her death. She always put others first – her children, grandchild, step daughter, neighbours and friends. On the morning of the day she died, she told Namfon, who had been with her from early morning, to ‘go back to work – there are orders to complete.’ Always mindful of others, she would sacrifice personal needs for the greater good.

Social Welfare Needs

In Boonlai’s memory, we set up “Boonlai’s Butterfly of Hope Fund”, named after the product that she made which we continue to produce. Donations are used for social welfare needs of the Hands of Hope producers: days of illness, hospital visits, longer term disability leave, family emergencies or the purchase of commodities to make life a little easier. If Boonlai was here, she would be the first to help another in need and so, in death, through this special fund, she continues to assist others.                                              

Donations for the Development of our Project

Apart from social welfare needs, we have received donations that have helped improve our working environment, assisted us in the promotion of our project to a wider audience and financed special celebrations for the producers. We are most grateful to all who have partnered us in this way.

Cemented Access Roadway

Sponsorship of Outings and Special Meals

Shelving in Showroom

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