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Announcement :    Covid-19

All options for international shipping  from Thailand, are no longer available to us.

Surface mail (2-3 months) is available and is the cheaper rate.

Airmail is also available for orders needed quickly.

However, the only shipping option to Australia, NZ and  Ireland at the current time is through Courier Post -  quick delivery but more expensive.

The producers eagerly await your orders for 2021.

As Covid infections continue throughout the world, may you stay safe and well.


Together we embrace  LIFE

The Hands of Hope project begun in 2005, provides villagers living with or affected by HIV/AIDS with creative and dignified employment. The producers currently handcraft 670+ original designs of cards, decorations, mobiles, and gift items, using ‘saa’ paper as the main medium– made in Thailand from the mulberry tree.As well as a just income for their work, health care and transportation assistance is provided, and most importantly, a community

of friendship and support.


Intricate cutting


Highly skilled


Attention to detail

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Shipping  guaranteed!

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